What am I doing?

I decided to start a blog to keep all my thoughts together…sort of. I have recently become a mother to a beautiful little girl and I want to have stories and tips for her (and future kids) all in one place. I was going to hand write letters to her but that creates a problem when there’s more than one child to write to and their stories are overlapping.

I also wanted to be able to share recipes, projects, life stories, and a few thoughts on current events. And those kinds of things don’t exactly go into letters as I had imagined them. There is also the potential that others could gain from my experiences and so I wanted to share with more than just my kids.

I’ve also failed at writing the letters so far (oops). But I do have a computer document where I’ve been writing  various things down and that’s how I’ve ended up on a blog. Now, hopefully, I’ll be able to keep track of everything all in one place. I suppose if blogging ever becomes outdated or the internet quits being a thing, I’ll have to transfer all of my writings to some other format, but I’ll worry about that if/when that happens.

I’ve titled this first post as such because, in doing this blog, I’m adding something else to my do-to list, which is already crazy long. I already have several posts lined up so I’ll be good on topics for a while, but I have to make the time to clean up what I’ve already written. My goal, for now, is to post twice a month. However, I’m hoping to do more in the beginning so I can get the letters up to current events. I don’t have any intention of this becoming a means of income, but, I guess, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m not a writer, so forgive me of spelling and grammar mistakes as I learn. I tend to be much better at seeing mistakes in others’ writings than in my own. I also tend to write in run on sentences and just run on in general so I’ll be working on that too. I’ll also be figuring out formatting this website and such so it might look like a hot mess for a while.



One thought on “What am I doing?

  1. This is wonderful what you’re doing for your daughter! I briefly thought of having a blog to record memories of my baby sister, but then decided to have special notebooks to give her when she’s older, instead. My main concern with having a blog to show her one day was that something would happen to it, and even if I saved every post to show her, it wouldn’t be the same as getting to see them on the blog itself.


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