Before Your Birth

This post is a bit of a random hodgepodge of things that I just want my daughter to know about what I did to prepare for her birth.

I have always wanted a natural birth. I figured if my mom could do it five times, I could do it too.

We took an amazing birth class and a breastfeeding class. I’m so glad we did both. Although I didn’t use the techniques they taught us, or don’t remember doing it anyway, I learned so much about the process. I learned facts about what I knew intuitively. My only wish would be that there would have been a God aspect to the class because it’s really all his design anyway. It amazes me what people believe in regards to what they are capable of when it comes to childbirth. Even what they believe is okay for a new baby. Like dentists saying breastmilk will cause cavities. Really? I don’t think cavemen brushed their teeth and they obviously survived since we’re all here.

Anyway, the classes were phenomenal and got us connected to a wonderful network of people who, I guess, would be considered alternative. It both amuses and appalls me that the ‘birthing’ community is seen as alternative. All of the interventions have become so normal that not having them is weird, but it’s really the most normal thing in the world.

Because of the classes and getting involved in the views of natural birthing, I did a lot of research. I even researched vaccinations even though I knew I wanted you to get them. I just got to be a bit concerned because there are so many views for both sides. I eventually decided that anything I got you should get and anything new was potentially questionable. Interestingly enough, not much as changed since I got all my shots.

We were going to do a slower schedule but I decided that it wasn’t worth it. Plus I read about some of the vaccinations being time sensitive so I didn’t want to risk something failing for a reason I could control.

The classes we took were based off of Birthing From Within and Ina May Gaskin’s book Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. I love Ina May’s book. The Birthing From Within book was just a little bit too hippie for me – the class started off that way but it was toned down compared to the book I think.

Part of what I love about Ina May’s book is that while she’s promoting a natural birth and giving you all the reasons it works, she also goes through all the interventions so you can make informed decisions about your birth.

So, I wrote a birth plan, which I think didn’t get read by all the nurses at the hospital based on some of the events that occurred. To be completely honest, I’m not sure that I particularly like my birth plan. It was very rigid and I tried to cover everything, but I think I would have been better off daydreaming about the kind of birth I wanted – more in line with the class we took. It’s not a problem but something to think about for next time.

Maybe I’ll post my birth plan, just so you can have it.


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