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Minor Traffic Rant

I cannot figure out how such bad wrecks happen during rush hour traffic. What are people doing to cause such bad wrecks? It’s rush hour, typically you can’t even drive particularly fast so any wreck should be minor, I would think. These wrecks at rush hour timing that block multiple lanes of traffic up to the whole road…how do you do that?!?

I can only imagine that the people causing these disasters are doing so on purpose by not paying attention or driving recklessly, or participating in other harmful behaviors like texting while they drive (or putting on makeup which drives me crazy).

Today a tractor trailer jack-knifed, wrecked into four cars, and spilled oil all over the road and closed down the highway for three hours. The road is straight, it might have been drizzling but overall nothing significant was happening with the weather, how do you do that? Who wasn’t paying attention?

The other day we saw a car hauler tractor trailer turned over…on a straight road with no significant weather?!? I just don’t get it, not really…people should be paying more attention to what they’re doing.


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