This past weekend was pretty good, we didn’t have any errands to run and it was nasty outside. We were able to spend time together and clean house and in general relax. Husband and I were able to have date night thanks to daycare on Saturday. We went to a fancy dinner that was good and picked you up in time for bed. Then you slept all night which was awesome because Friday night was terrible.

I don’t know what your problem was but you would wake up wanting to eat, I’d feed you until you fell asleep, and then you’d start crying when I laid you down. Dad was awesome and got you back to sleep because I just couldn’t deal with it.

The past few nights since then you’ve not been sleeping through. I think it’s because you’re falling asleep hard before it’s actually bedtime because you’re not sleeping enough at daycare. Hopefully this changes asap.

Even with all those struggles I’m actually feeling better than i’ve felt in a long time. Yesterday was almost amazing and today it’s going well so far. (I was even able to wear pre-pregnancy pants, and I’m wearing the same pair today and they actually seem loose!…clothes have been a struggle.)

It sucks that Dad’s been a bit sick since the weekend. Hopefully he feels better before this weekend or he’s going to have a miserable drive to his hometown. You’re going to meet you great grandparents from Virginia and your dad’s aunt.



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