This weekend you were able to visit with your great grandparents and aunt from Virginia/Maryland. We went to Dad’s hometown to see them. Overall the visit went well.

However, your great grandparents keep remarking on how you would need makeup to cover up the red spot/birthmark on your eye which was really annoying to your dad and me. You don’t need to cover it up (assuming it’s even still there, one doctor said it would disappear over time). Grammy mentioned wearing makeup earlier to cover it up… no, just no.

First of all, you are not their child so they don’t get to decide when or if you wear makeup anyway.

Second, remarks like that are just contributing to how our society views women and people in general. Having a unique mark is not a defect to cover up or be ashamed of. If you want to cover it up, that is up to you. Wearing makeup in general will be up to you once you’re at an appropriate age, which will be decided upon by your father and me.

There was also conversation that didn’t include your dad and I about you not having a Facebook page – I came into the room at the back end of the conversation. I think that conversation was more with your grandparents, but again, that is not their call nor does their opinion matter. It is up to your father and I do determine some of these things and if we’re okay with it, it is up to you to decide what to do. We are your parents, not them.


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