I sent 2 bottles with 4.5 oz and 2 with 4 oz to see if you needed more food because you still seemed interested in eating the bottle I fed you at daycare yesterday after it was empty, though you weren’t necessarily upset about it.

Last night was terrible, you went to bed at 9:30 or so, but then you woke up at midnight and at 4am when you decided it was time to actually get up and chatted for a long time. And then you immediately pooped in the fresh diaper I put you in after I’d finished dressing you for the day. And then you didn’t want to eat at 7am when I was trying to feed you before leaving.

I was frazzled to say the least and I’ve carried that feeling to work. Mama isn’t particularly happy today. I’m also frazzled because I’ve got bible study tonight and I haven’t finished the homework – I’m doing the last three days during my pump sessions at work today. However, I am not interested in doing the study at the moment and I don’t particularly want to go tonight. But I know I need to, plus I’ll be missing next week since we’ll be traveling.

Right now, I cannot wait for the weekend to have some down time and extra sleep.


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