3 months old

Written in my Google Doc on 1.25.17

Little Bit is 3 months old today. Time is flying by and yet it seems like forever that she’s been around. She is such a calm and relaxed baby, it’s amazing. She loves to sleep and she eats well. She doesn’t have any problems pooping or burping or taking a bottle. Lucy (our dog) doesn’t phase her when she gets in her face and occasionally licks her – though sometimes her cold nose wakes you up.

Bath time with Dad is usually fun and, as long as you’re not hungry, our weekly photo sessions go pretty well too. I love that you’ve started smiling at me in the mornings when you wake up and when I pick you up from daycare.

She’s starting trying to roll over, or at least that’s what it looks like she’s doing. I really have nothing to complain about other than the sometimes crazy amount of clothes we go through for super spit ups and diaper leakage.

My only struggles now come from going to work – the commute and the amount of time I have to spend with her on a daily basis. Our lives are just super busy and I feel like I’m not giving her the time she needs. I’m feeding her but I’m not playing with her or reading to her or working on any skills with her – I assume all of that is happening at daycare and that makes me kind of sad. It’s not that I’m feeling like I’m missing out, it’s just that I feel like I’m not necessarily doing right by her. The weekends are currently busy doing all the things we don’t have time to do during the week so we still are not able to do the fun things with her and unfortunately when we finally have down time, we are selfishly, and sometimes necessarily, spending that time as ‘me’ time.

Hopefully things will improve as we adjust.


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