Back to Work

(Written prior to posting…this is a catchup post from my document)

(Also, not trying to get into the vaccination argument)

Hard first week, timing, sleeping/eating changes, got a cold that weekend (all 3 of us)

Second week started with the cold for all of us and it was terrible.

Wednesday was the 2 month checkup and first round of vaccinations – we decided to go with the regular schedule instead of the modified because I just feel more comfortable with the level of research and study and the number of people who’ve been on the regular schedule. I also felt that she should get whatever I got and I was cautious about anything new.

I was also cautious about giving meds to reduce fever, luckily LB didn’t seem to have one so she didn’t get any meds for it.

She did completely spit up her four bottle at daycare that day and also only ate 3 out of 4 oz in that bottle but had eaten all 4 oz in the previous bottles. She ate fine when we got home but then had a major spit up right before bed when I was trying to feed her a little to go to sleep. Not happy about that.

She never acted upset or fussy over any of it and actually seemed in better spirits than what she had been – she was getting over her cold. I didn’t read the doctor’s papers on the vaccines immediately but I will when i get a chance this weekend but I think it’s the rotavirus vaccine thats causing this bit of major spit up since it’s ingested. I’m not super worried yet (I’ve read some horror stories) because she’s still eating okay so dehydration isn’t a concern, but definitely keeping an eye on it. The doctor was also a little concerned that enough weight hadn’t been gained, but everything else is normal, so weight gain could be more than normal and average out by the next checkup. However, we are going to go in for a weight check just to keep tabs on it in between the 2 and 4 month regular visits.


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