Muffins Round 2

This time I’m making this recipe that I also found on Pinterest. However, I’m going to follow the directions , after reading them thoroughly first.

Actually, I’m not going to exactly follow the recipe because I’m going to add a tablespoon of Brewers yeast to them. A friend (whose daughter is 6 days older than mine) gave me a cup of the yeast because she bought a huge container from Amazon that she’ll never use all of. (I also had to make do with 2 tbsp of salted butter because I was a little short on unsalted butter thanks so my last muffin recipe…and my brown sugar measuring wasn’t super accurate because Husband didn’t seal it well and so it had hard clumps in it that I had to remove and replace.)

Anyway, one tablespoon of Brewer’s yeast might not make much different for my milk supply but I’m concerned about the taste. My friend made muffins with it and put 3 tablespoons in the mix and they smelled and she said they didn’t taste particularly good. I found a lactation muffin recipe on Pinterest that called for 4 tablespoons so I can’t imagine what those are like.

I’m also concerned that it might make my supply so much that I’m not prepared for the amount of milk when I’m pumping at work and that will be a problem, so I want to start slow.

I only took one process photo but that’s more than I did last time, so, win for me!

Waiting on the oats to soak in buttermilk.

And the finished product:20170219_172817

Let me just say these are AMAZING!! The Brewer’s yeast is undetectable so I’ll increase the amount next time (assuming my milk production isn’t crazy from the small amount I added this time). The flavor is also husband approved. He likes the spice flavor anyway so I figured he’d like them – I was more concerned about myself.

I will say that the flavor strikes me as a fall/winter time flavor so I think I’ll have to do something different in the summer. But this is a really good start.

Next I’m thinking about skipping the spices and adding chocolate chips for an oatmeal chocolate chip muffin. Not the healthiest but probably tasty. Part of the reason I’m making muffins is for another breakfast option, so I don’t always care how healthy they are if they’re budget friendly – that’s a little bad but at least these will be homemade and not super processed.

I do need to adjust the temperature or cooking time. The bottoms are a smidgen burnt. So, be aware if you’re using a gas oven and dark pans.


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