4 months old

You gained lots of weight this time and you’re looking good. You got your vaccinations and nothing bad happened afterwards, not even a fever.

Actually, you are now off whatever scheduled you had. You were grumpy the morning after and I had to feed you twice before we left for the day which did not make me happy. Your routine seems off, maybe you’re going through a growth spurt because you seem to want to eat more – you have woken up during the night rather upset about it which isn’t normal for you. Hopefully, everything will straighten out with the food soon because otherwise you’re happy.

You’ve been super chatty and giggly. You are doing well with tummy time and will roll onto your back. You are almost capable of rolling onto your stomach, if that arm would just get out of the way 🙂 You got upset the other day when you couldn’t roll over, but once I put you on your stomach, you really weren’t interested of course.

You enjoy playing on your play mat and pulling at the toys hanging down. You got upset at your seat because the toys don’t play the same way.

You are also doing well with sitting up. You can’t do it by yourself but you love to be in a position where you can see what’s going on. You are watching and observing everything.

We stopped swaddling you when we came back from NC the last time because you’re just too close to rolling over. You also aren’t really fitting in them anymore, you’re too long. I think the lack of swaddle is also part of what is upsetting your nightly sleep. It will just take some getting used to.

I’ve seen a lot about a 4 month sleep regression but I don’t really feel you’re regressing. You haven’t slept through the night (by my standards anyway) consistently for a long period of time. You’ve got a few days or weeks sleeping through and then go a few days or week waking up during the night. Not a big deal. I’m only annoyed this time because of the lack of consistency in what you’re doing – it’s making things difficult for me.

We are enjoying your talking and we are excited to watch you grow, even as we’re sad to see our baby burrito go.


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