it’s not fat, it’s weight

Funny story for today. A coworker, whose first language is not English, commented that I’d lost my baby fat quickly and then asked if I was exercising. Very odd all the way around since I really don’t have a relationship with the woman, but a hilarious to me.

I don’t mean to make fun of her but it just struck me as funny (and a little horrifying) because the baby weight is fat a lot of times. Some of it is skin, but often there’s fat too. I mean, I definitely had some additional fat that I’m glad has almost completely gone away.

It struck me as funny because I could be offended by her suggestion that I looked fat prior to losing the baby weight or that I was fat while I was pregnant (which I was but that’s beside the point). Luckily I don’t care what people think and I am not really sensitive to such comments (I think I was more upset about a lady asking if I was having twins while I was pregnant, especially since I was on my way to get french fries).

Weight is such a hard thing to discuss because there’s so many women with body image issues regardless of what she actually looks like. I could argue that dealing with pregnancy and all the body changes before and after can make you even more insecure, at least I am anyway (in regards to how I feel about my body, not in how others see me). Thankfully, I took her comment as a compliment for the more common comment about looking good after baby or you can’t tell you had a baby and things along those lines.

(Men have body issues too but they’re not getting pregnant and having babies so that is irrelevant to this post.)


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