rolling, rolling, rolling

This weekend Morgan came to visit and finally meet you. And you finally figured out how to completely roll over – you’ve been trying for a while but you couldn’t get your arm out from underneath you.

It was cool seeing you rolling until you started to do it while your diaper or clothes were getting changed. And yesterday we changed outfits about 8 times. You messed up your pjs you started with and then seven more outfits I think – quite the record. I did want to try on all your 3 months clothes because I knew you were growing out of them and might only have about 1 more wear. I didn’t expect to get the last wear in so many so quickly. Honestly, by the end of the day, I was really tired of all the mess. Poop and spit up was plentiful. And I think part of what kills me about it is that you slept so much throughout the day and still managed all that.

Today we started off by spiting up on your outfit about 5 seconds after I was finished dressing you. I almost had a fit, and decided that it wasn’t bad enough to change you since I really didn’t have time to do that anyway. You made it to daycare without any poop incident though you spit up in the car too. And you somehow made it to the end of the day wearing the same outfit, always impressive.


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