5 Months Old

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 5 months. It feels like forever and not long enough. You’re growing so fast and have quite the chunky legs 🙂

You were 14.75 lbs, at the doctor the other day when we visited for a cold that you’d managed to transfer to your eyes. You’re better now and teething I think – last night was miserable, ranking right up there with the second night you were home. You were fine when you went to sleep initially and then woke up crying about the time I was going to get ready for bed. You were just unhappy and wouldn’t stay settled.

You’d settle down and sleep a bit, sucking hard on your thumb. Then a few minutes later you’d start crying again. There was no relief until I finally broke down and gave you some Tylenol hoping it would help whatever the problem was. I’d checked you and tried to feed you, even tried putting you in our bed and letting you sleep on our chests, which worked for a little while but still meant no sleep for us, and nothing was helping.

You were a little better this morning, but still cried the same cry, so you got a bit more Tylenol and hopefully you do alright at daycare today. At least now I know that the meds will work and we should all get better sleep tonight.

I don’t particularly like giving you medicine but sometimes it’s worth it. You were in pain and I had a way to relieve it. I think that if I didn’t work outside the home, I would have just stayed up with you – maybe that’s bad since you would still have been suffering, but I dislike any unnecessary medication.

I posted a little bit the other day about how you’re rolling all the time. You can get your arm free once you get onto your tummy but you seem to not be able to roll back onto your back, which I thought was easier but maybe I need to look into that again.

You’ve definitely outgrown all of your 3 month clothes so we’re having to evaluate  what you’ve got and probably buy some more clothes for you (yay! I love baby clothes lol).


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