6 months old

Shortly after turning 6 months:

Ah, time is flying! I know everyone says that and now I really see why. It seems so cliche but it’s also so very true.

I’ve been making food for you which is in another post and so we tried apples the week you turned 6 months old. You weren’t exactly impressed but you weren’t disgusted either. I think the texture was the biggest issue. We didn’t try anything over the weekend because we were travelling. Next up was butternut squash and you had a similar reaction as to the apples. I’ve got a lot of things for you to try in the next few months and I’m excited to get you started on real food. I hope things go well and there are no allergies or concerns (I don’t really think there will be).

You were going to get the squash a little sooner but we got home late on Sunday and Monday you had a poop diaper that had some blood in which of course freaked us out. And since we’re new parents we googled everything and called the doctor just to make sure. Thankfully the next morning everything was back to normal. I’m pretty sure the issue was that all the milk you had at daycare on Monday I pumped in the morning instead of getting what I pump throughout the day. I read that the balance of the milk can cause bloody poops so I think that’s what it was. So, I won’t do that again unless desperate.

Anyway, you’ve started sitting up by yourself which is fun. I’m glad because you really want to see everything that’s going on. You also seem to like outside, according to daycare. And you love the bouncer that daycare has – I’m annoyed by this because that means we should have bought a similar bouncer we were looking at instead of the exersaucer.

Over the weekend we saw your cousin James and you two played together (sort of). You also played with Kensie on Easter Sunday during the service – y’all were adorable and I don’t think any of us heard much of the message unfortunately.


Our favorite daycare teacher told us you were acting more hungry during the day and that I needed to bring you actual food with your bottles. I had planned on starting that next week, but it won’t hurt to start a few days early. I just need to figure out the logistics of it all.

Two weeks ago, you had pink eye and of course you showed the symptoms right after Dad left for 5 days. So, I skipped church to take you to the doctor to get meds because I couldn’t miss any work and you had to be well enough to go to daycare. The meds seemed to work but now you’ve got a nasty sounding cough and your eyes are a bit goopy again. I’ve been putting milk in them, but I think we’re going to need to go back to the doctor again for the cough if it doesn’t improve soon. We just finished the meds from last time, so I’m not thrilled about all of this. Dad thinks the eyes might be allergies, but I’m pretty sure the cough is not.

We moved you into your own room and so far, so good. The first night you were supposed to be in there, you fell off the bed, so you slept in our room one more time so I could keep watch over you. You fell off on my watch and it was fairly traumatic for me. I suppose it was good that it was me and not Dad, but it was terrible. You’re fine and it seems almost everyone has fallen off the bed at about this age. I guess that’s because you’re starting to be a little more mobile but it’s not consistent so we think you’ll be still enough to stay on the bed and then you choose that time to move around a lot.

Anyway, you’ve been sleeping in your own room just fine. And we’ve had the monitor on so we can hear if you get upset – which did happen the other night weirdly enough around midnight, it was odd. I fed you and you were still upset so Dad got you back to sleep.

Food has been going well. You hate peas and really only eat them if they’re offered first and you’re actually hungry. You love the orange veggies and you gobbled up the pears and oatmeal I gave you last night.

You’ll be 7 months old this weekend and we are going to a Braves game with my office. We’ll see how you do, especially since it’s going to be really hot.

Memorial Day weekend we’re doing a family trip with Grandpa’s family and I’ll write about how all of that goes in next month’s post.


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