8 months

I can’t believe you’re already 8 months old. Time is flying and I’m already having to think about weaning you or at least different ways of doing it. You’re eating well and eating more real food (in puree form) and I’m hoping to get you eating finger foods in the next month or so. At least have you feeding yourself some things to keep you entertained or busy while I get the rest of your food ready. You will need to understand the picking up and eating thing – right now you can pick stuff up but don’t seem to understand it’s food. I’ve seen you holding onto a bottle feeding yourself and we’ll be working on a cup of some sort soon too.

And because you’re eating more food, poops have become interesting. Sometimes they’re super stinky. Sometimes they bother you a lot to get them out or at least, they’re solid enough you’re mad about it once it is out (I suppose it’s uncomfortable to sit on lol).

I think last time I wrote about the mountain trip, which turned out fairly well. Nothing had to be said, but I was glad to be going home. Your grandparents like to hover way too much for my comfort. Grammy wants to hold you nonstop and PaPa just doesn’t seem to quite know what to do.

(I actually think PaPa/Grandpa/whatever-we’re-going-to-call-him might be a little bit autistic and that’s why he seems to live in his own world and be socially awkward. It was mentioned that he struggled in school growing up and he had a teacher that didn’t think he’d make it in college or do very well overall. I think he’s so high functioning that it wasn’t diagnosed back then and might not even be now. It isn’t so bad that it’s super noticeable, but I think that’s what is ‘wrong’ with him. I told Dad this is what I thought and he seemed a bit relieved to have a potential reason for why he’s been struggling with how to interact with him. It’s just been very frustrating especially since no one else in the family has any social issues. I think Grammy’s teacher skills have allowed her to deal with him without getting annoyed like the rest of us. She might not acknowledge the (potential) autism but she deals with kindergartners all day so she can handle the struggle better.)

We went to the beach last week and saw your uncle graduate from high school. You did well playing and napping in the tent. You weren’t the biggest fan of the sand but didn’t seem to be afraid of the ocean – we dunked your toes in. We tried the pool once and you were okay with it so hopefully the neighborhood pool will be a good experience too.

Yesterday you fell off the bed again. Dad put you in the middle of the pillows and went to get your bath going. I was downstairs washing dishes and heard the terrible thump and cries. I am not happy that Dad left you there since you fell off before and you’re more mobile now. Thankfully, we’re going to the chiropractor today so we’ll get you adjusted back to normal.

Speaking of mobility, you aren’t crawling yet or even getting up on all fours, but you’re definitely moving around. You roll and turn and scoot your way around the floor. It’s been pretty amusing watching you get in and out of your ball pit thing. I actually don’t think you’ll be crawling long before you start to walk, you’re a big fan of standing up and kind of tried to pull yourself up when I set you down close to the couch.

Toys that are easily chewed are your favorite, especially if they’re yellow squares. You’re quickly growing out of all your 6 month clothes which is terrible because I feel like you barely wore them. However, it occurs to me that we bought 6 month clothes like we bought the smaller sizes but you don’t change outfits like you used to.

Anyway, you’ve still got lots of cheeks and chunky thighs. You love to smile and laugh. You grab Dad’s beard and nipples when you hang out with him in the mornings – he doesn’t appreciate this by the way. And I can’t wait to see how your personality continues to develop because you’re so happy most of the time.


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