9 months

I thought I’d missed a monthly post, but it appears I have not. I guess that just shows how busy we’ve been. Anyway, I’ll try not to repeat myself because I can’t remember exactly what I’ve mentioned before.

This month you’ve learned how to inch worm your way across the floor. You have also discovered an amazing facial expression we’ve name Stink Face. It is super cute though typically would not be intended as such – at least not once you understand emotions and what is appropriate for each one. You’re really starting to show more personality like when you cry because you don’t get what you want – for example the hairbrush. Bath time has started to include more splashes and you like the bubbles. Lucy is occasionally funny to you and you seem to find young children hilarious as well.

Your doctor appointment isn’t until next week so I don’t have an update on that yet.

This week you’ve got a yucky cold. You are not happy about it and this is one of those times were I’m glad the daycare teachers get to care for you all day because you’re a mess, but I’m also sad to not be there to comfort you.

We went to another baseball game and it was hot but not as hot as last time. You did fairly well, especially considering your cold was just starting.

Our trip to Ohio went pretty well. I learned your naps are super important and I’m going to need to tell daycare to make sure you get them. You traveled fairly well on the way there but you weren’t so happy on the way back. You were also starting to cut your top two teeth, so that wasn’t helping.

And speaking of teeth, you now have a total of 4.

Food wise, you love bread and we’re working on transitioning you to more chunky food and less purees. I’m going to ask the doctor what he thinks you should be eating so that you can be weened at 1 year – though I still have some milk in the freezer.

Overall you are doing well and I am still struggling with wanting to work and stay home.


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